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Promulgation and obeisance of symbols of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him)
Promulgation of the symbols and respect for them is every Muslim's duty

It has been said in the holy Quran
"…and whoever honors the symbols of Allah - indeed, it is from the piety of hearts."
In the preamble, it has to be said that the religion of Islam has internal and external dimensions which its internal dimension consists of beliefs and obedience to its commands and rules, and its external dimension is called the symbols. The symbols (Arabic-شعائر) refer to any signs of the almighty God that reminds you him whenever you remember them.
Promulgation and obeisance of the symbols is known as respect for them and carrying out the duties which are related to them and are imposed by God.
It's obvious that the remembrance of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) and obedience to his holiness mores is one of the symbols of the almighty God, and any pious man needs to honor it. The promulgation and obeisance of this symbol can be fulfilled with mourning his martyrdom and providing an explanation of the cause of his revolt which was for promulgating of saying prayers, enjoining the Ma'ruf and winding up the tyranny of the governors. Hence the holy prophet (peace and blessings be upon him and his progeny) said"Hussein is from me and I'm from Hussein". It means that the religion of Islam isstarted at the very beginning by the holy prophet (peace and blessings be upon him and his progeny) on the one hand, and the survival of Islam, as well as preventing from appearance of superstitions as part of it is done by revolt and martyrdom of his holiness the lord of the martyrs (peace be upon him) on the other. The revolt and martyrdom revived Islam, made new blood to flow through dead body of Islam and direct it towards its main purpose as well. Indeed, the beginning and the survival of Islam can be referred to two events respectively, including the Hegira of the holy prophet (peace and blessings be upon him and his progeny) from Mecca to Medina and the Hegira of his holiness the lord of the martyrs (peace be upon him) from Mecca to Medina and then to the exalted city of Karbala.
Muslims need to be notified that the obedience of the symbols, as well as keeping them alive can't be done just by launching a rumpus, but it could be done by following the way of Imam, firstly, trying to promulgate saying the prayer and fighting against injustice; secondly, not to oppressing others and fulfilling our social responsibilities such as paying Shara'ia religious funds, enjoining the Ma'ruf and forbidding the Munkar; and lastly, having the same ethical conduct and behaviors that Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) has.
I'm saying with precision that the revolt of Imam (peace be upon him), not to paying homage to Yazid, martyrdom of his holiness and his fellowships, accepting the fact that his family would be taken captive and would be shown round as criminals city by cityfrom Karbala to Sham; all of these were for the reason that in the future eras after his holiness once an enlightened man have heard about this action of Imam, they could deeply be moved and maybe it could help them to choose the right path and the true religion. We need to provide an explanation for this action of Imam (peace be upon him) through any way that is possible (writing, speech, demonstration or marching mourning parades) and keep it alive. We need to try to revive it and honor it as well more and more.
Finally, I need to remind two subjects:
First, Olama, scholars and missionaries have to inform our young people about the dangers of the foreign propaganda and warn them as well, afraid lest their beliefs do not weaken or they do not tend to baseless religions and convert to these religions in spite of the fact that they have a leader and the beacon of guidance such as Imam Hussein (peace be upon him), his great father and other immaculate Imams (peace be upon them). A wise man doesn't tend to those baseless and irrational religions such as Wahhabism sect in spite of all those violations that they've committed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries and in spite of all those Shia's bloods on their hands…, does he? Indeed, they are the remaining murderers of the lord of the martyrs (peace be upon him) and are following those murderers. Does a wise man deviated from the leadership of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) by tending to someone like Abdul-Bahaa' (the founder of Bahaai sect) who tried to establish a new religion with blasphemous countries' manipulation and persuasion or do his beliefs weaken?
Of course someone who does understand Imam (peace be upon him) and his personality wouldn't even think about tending to turn to the left or to the right in his straight path.
Second, I suggest preachers and missionaries for doing things such as understanding the social and religious sufferings, speaking about them, proving the doubts in the basis of the great knowledge of Infallible and immaculate Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them) and talking about prepared subjects would not suffice.
Our lord his holiness Amir al-Mo'menin (peace be upon him) has said about the holy prophet (peace and blessings be upon him and his progeny) "he is a doctor who moves from one person to another and providing his healing balms and treatment tools in order to heal whom they need it"
It means that his holiness provides anyone with particular method and prescription in proportion to their situation in order to deal with spiritual issues of the individuals as well as the issues of the whole society.
May the almighty God hasten in the Faraj of our lord Imam Zaman (peace be upon him) and may he put us among the real Shia of the lord of the martyrs (peace be upon him)
Peace, blessings and mercy be upon you







1. The best religious practice

Question: What is the best religious practice, in your eminence opinion?

Answer: As it has been narrated in some Hadith-s, saying prayer is the best practice after gaining knowledge of God.


2. The Ibtidai Jihad

Question: Is the Ibtidai Jihad (A kind of Jihad to promulgate the religion of Islam through countries which are not enemies of Islamic countries) permissible?

Answer: Its not permissible, in our opinion.


3. The Mu'ataati marriage

Question: Is the Mu'ataati marriage (a kind of unofficial marriage that the Sigheh is not verbally approved by the parties) recognizable?

Answer: Marriage needs to be approved verbally and the Mu'ataati one is not recognizable.


4. Revealing a secret

Question: Please say about permissible cases for revealing secrets?

Answer: Revealing other's secret is Haraam unless something important involves. For example, if the secret is not revealed, the life of a believer will be put in danger.


5. Saying prayer in Karbala

Question: What is your opinion about whether saying daily prayers completely or incompletely in the holy city of Karbala, or around the holy shrine, or in Koufa Masjid?

Answer: The traveler needs to say prayer incomplete in the holy city of Karbala, but around the holy shrine of his holiness Imam Hussein (A) (within two and half meters from the holy enshrine) and the whole Koufa Masjid the traveler is at liberty to say prayer complete or incomplete.


6. Wozu (performing ablutions before saying prayer) with the remnant of pen on skin

Question: Do the remnants of pen on hands’ skin invalidate the Wozu?

Answer: No, it doesn’t unless they prevent the water from reaching to body's skin.