National Conference on Eastern Mysticism




Statement about the national conference on eastern mysticism

His eminence Grand Ayatollah Duzduzani (M.Z.A) statement about the the national conference on eastern mysticism


In his name

"And of the people is he who worships Allah on an edge…" Surat Al-Ĥaj, Verse No-11

The religious people of Iran and the people of the city of Shahrud


We have nagged and warned the pious people at my lectures especially our beloved young ones about deviant ideas spreading throughout the society, and we have advised all people to try to reconcile their own ideas with Islamic principles, to learn the religious beliefs and the sturdy reasonswe hold them, to seek help from Quranic verses and Hadiths from Imams (peace be upon them) in their endeavor, to gain pure knowledge from Olama who are religious sophisticates, because throughout history Olama and Mojtahids of Shia religion have been providing people with the right answers without any kind of manipulation and they have nothing to tell about themselves, and they don't tell anything about themselves. And yet some people has unfortunately been found since the early Islamic era who have followed the deviant paths the almighty God introduces them in the holy Quran "And of the people is he who worships Allah on an edge", people such as SofianSouri, HasanBasri, Karkhi, Hallaj and etc. and the deviant path has been continued thus far. These people have emerged as Ahl-e Haqq one day, as Nematollahiie on another day, and as Gonabadiie on the other day. They propagate their own perverted beliefs under the name of Shia religion. However, they are standing against the Shia religion; even NimatullahWali has frankly introduced himself Sunni in his remaining writings.

Gonabadis who claim to be Shia and who keep reminding their loyalty to religious practices have appeared from nowhere two centuries ego. Indeed, they are followers of the Nematollahi sect. And yet we need to ask them that if you tend to obey Islamic commands one by one, why did you make a new sect?

If you are followers of the Shia religion and the Shia Fiqh, why are you promulgating lengthening the whisker and encouraging people to lengthen their whiskers in spite of the fact that there is no A'lim and Mojtahid who would say" lengthening the whisker is preferable (Arabic: مستحب)". You have also brought up the idea of Ashariya instead of Khums and you impose it on your followers, however, it is not clear what your evidence is for doing this? Yet you claim that you say nothing new and you do the religious practices … There are too much words to say, but this article doesn't accommodate them.

I heard that a conference on Abu al-Hassan Kharaqani, Bayazid Bastami and etc. is supposed to be held in Shahrud that is referred to as "National Conference on Eastern Mysticism" despite repeated pleas and warnings which were shouted by the figures and Olama. Wherefore Iranian figures of the religion couldn't be introduced to people, you want to hold these kinds of conferences. Figures such as Nasir al-Din Tusi, Sheikh Tusi, Muhammad Baqir Majlisi, Fagih-s of Shahrud and Simnan and etc aren't presented to people, figures who left their great and important works for the next generations where they are being used in the religious and scientific centers for hundreds of years.

The influence that the figures had on providing a correct and transcendental identification of Iranian people was considerable, unlike the destructive influence that those whom the conference is supposed to be hold on their respect had on people's beliefs.

It's not the time to give a complete description of the deflections of Bayazid and Kharaqani, but we will briefly mention some of them here. Fazil Tayibi quoted from Sheikh Najm ul-din Kubra on the "The description of Masabih-e-Baghwa" in the chapter of "the advantage of charity (Per: فضل صدقه)" that Kharaqani has said: "I climbed to the Arsh and then I revolved around it one hundred times. I saw the angels revolving around it slowly and wondering about my fast revolving. I ask them the reason for their slow revolving. They said "We the angels are from light and we have got no more power than this". They asked me "What's the reason for your speed?" I answered "I am a man. There is light as well as fire in me, and my speed is out of enthusiasm fire". (AlkinyWa al-Alghaab/Volume No.1/Page No.48)

Are these cock and bull and nonsensical stories honorable? Do you want to glory in them on your conference?

Yet there are more written contents about Bayazid in various books.

It's written in his biography that he was deviated for a long time, but he was directed to the righteous way by Imam Sadigh (peace be upon him) late in life and then he has got insight. He has become a Seqqa in the house of the Imam (peace be upon him) for eighteen or thirty years…

Whereas Bayazaid died in the third Hegira century (261 A.H.), Imam Sadigh (peace be upon him) died in the year of 148 A.H. The discrepancy in their death dates would be 113 years in this way, while no one mentioned his age more than eighty years. (Alkiny/Volume No.1/Page No.48&Reyhanatol-Adab/Volume No.5/Page No.201)

Herein I want the leaders to prevent these kinds of movements which are opposed to the intentions of the great figures of the religion and the objectives of Islamic revolution that it has taken a lot of hard work to achieve and a lot of people were martyred in this cause. I hope that authorities have our voice heard and prevent these kinds of movements.

Yadollah Duzduzani 









1. The best religious practice

Question: What is the best religious practice, in your eminence opinion?

Answer: As it has been narrated in some Hadith-s, saying prayer is the best practice after gaining knowledge of God.


2. The Ibtidai Jihad

Question: Is the Ibtidai Jihad (A kind of Jihad to promulgate the religion of Islam through countries which are not enemies of Islamic countries) permissible?

Answer: Its not permissible, in our opinion.


3. The Mu'ataati marriage

Question: Is the Mu'ataati marriage (a kind of unofficial marriage that the Sigheh is not verbally approved by the parties) recognizable?

Answer: Marriage needs to be approved verbally and the Mu'ataati one is not recognizable.


4. Revealing a secret

Question: Please say about permissible cases for revealing secrets?

Answer: Revealing other's secret is Haraam unless something important involves. For example, if the secret is not revealed, the life of a believer will be put in danger.


5. Saying prayer in Karbala

Question: What is your opinion about whether saying daily prayers completely or incompletely in the holy city of Karbala, or around the holy shrine, or in Koufa Masjid?

Answer: The traveler needs to say prayer incomplete in the holy city of Karbala, but around the holy shrine of his holiness Imam Hussein (A) (within two and half meters from the holy enshrine) and the whole Koufa Masjid the traveler is at liberty to say prayer complete or incomplete.


6. Wozu (performing ablutions before saying prayer) with the remnant of pen on skin

Question: Do the remnants of pen on hands’ skin invalidate the Wozu?

Answer: No, it doesn’t unless they prevent the water from reaching to body's skin.