An Insult to the Marja'iiat




Insultingthe Maraje is sedition

In His Name

In his Kharij course, along with stating a quote from Imam Sajjad (peace be upon him) and mentioning the recent events in Iran after the presidential election, Grand Ayatollah Duzduzany (M.Z) said:


In His Name, Imam Zein-ul-Abedin the lord of the Sajideen and the leader of the Arifeen said:

 “اللهم عمّرنی ما کان عمری بذلة فیطاعتک فاذا کان عمری مرتعاً للشیطان فاقبضنی الیک.”

“O God, keep me alive as long as my lifetime is spent in your obedience, and take my life the moment when my lifetime becomes a pasture for Satan.” They have defined marta' (En: pasture) as a place for free grazing: “ فارسلمعناغدا یرتع و یلعبyarta' (En: to graze) means to move here and there freely, play, eat and move around.

Seemingly, the statement of his holiness means if Satan can enter any door, and take possession of me, and make me to commit any sin, then don’t keep me alive anymore. Is it what the Imam (peace be upon him) meant by that? It seems that the purpose of the Imam is not as such, but the meaning is that whether Satan can make any benefit, even if it is continuously through one way. Today in our society, if we look at it carefully, the most available pasture for Satan in human, is the social dispute, it has been seen many times that two religious people have got into a dispute over a matter in such a way that they wouldn't be pacified again, and in order to not be condemned in judgment, they make all sort of wild accusations against each other and insult each other.

We have mentioned in the lessons that Satan does not only mean the Devil, but also means evil. Because of the more disputes that have arisen in our society during the recent months, our society has become the pasture for Satan. Nowadays the Satan-s of the world are threatening us, let alone the interior Satan-s. The act of sedition is the old habit of Satan and the devilish. Wahhabism which is the dominant example of the human Satan-s, has been attacking the Islamic mores for several centuries, and knows no boundary; they have targeted our elites; one day they attack Karbala and the shrine of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him), and another day they attack Najaf-Ashraf, and another day they attack Baqee’, etc. but the recent disputes has caused them to be arrogant to the Shias, and the dispute has escalated their false actions.

We see in the recent months that Saudis destroy the Shia Masjid-s in Qatif and Ahsa and Dammam, and they close them and insult them. These are not by accident. When we contribute to the dispute, when the leaders contribute to the dispute, these actions would be exacerbated, to the extent that they deal with the Shia of Yemen, and it would continue to the extent that they insult the eminent Marja of the Shia world.

However this is because of our inappropriate actions. Why should they refer to this great man as the Marja of Iraq in our media? We do not have any borders in Islam; we see the little border which is called Kuwait, and another small area which is called Bahrain, and another has become Emirates etc., this has been done by England, which has torn the Muslim world into pieces, and we’ve been asleep, as it is today, we Muslims have been sleep, and they have plans for us.

When Grand Ayatollah Sistani is insulted, and I don’t shout as a Talabeh, and the Hawzah doesn’t shout too, and there is no spontaneous movement, in this case they will conduct the next phase of their plan in an acute way. We have to say that today, all of us whether the leaders and elders or others, have become the pasture of Satan, the disputes would make us smaller, increase their rudeness, and causes them to feel powerful and attack, what attacks! And we see that no one replies them, and considering the current state of the world, I think it’s unlikely that they get an effective appropriate reply. I hope that the omnipotent God would help us to perform our tasks.

May Allah’s blessings and mercy be upon you.







1. The best religious practice

Question: What is the best religious practice, in your eminence opinion?

Answer: As it has been narrated in some Hadith-s, saying prayer is the best practice after gaining knowledge of God.


2. The Ibtidai Jihad

Question: Is the Ibtidai Jihad (A kind of Jihad to promulgate the religion of Islam through countries which are not enemies of Islamic countries) permissible?

Answer: Its not permissible, in our opinion.


3. The Mu'ataati marriage

Question: Is the Mu'ataati marriage (a kind of unofficial marriage that the Sigheh is not verbally approved by the parties) recognizable?

Answer: Marriage needs to be approved verbally and the Mu'ataati one is not recognizable.


4. Revealing a secret

Question: Please say about permissible cases for revealing secrets?

Answer: Revealing other's secret is Haraam unless something important involves. For example, if the secret is not revealed, the life of a believer will be put in danger.


5. Saying prayer in Karbala

Question: What is your opinion about whether saying daily prayers completely or incompletely in the holy city of Karbala, or around the holy shrine, or in Koufa Masjid?

Answer: The traveler needs to say prayer incomplete in the holy city of Karbala, but around the holy shrine of his holiness Imam Hussein (A) (within two and half meters from the holy enshrine) and the whole Koufa Masjid the traveler is at liberty to say prayer complete or incomplete.


6. Wozu (performing ablutions before saying prayer) with the remnant of pen on skin

Question: Do the remnants of pen on hands’ skin invalidate the Wozu?

Answer: No, it doesn’t unless they prevent the water from reaching to body's skin.