A letter from a young guy to his eminence and his reply [to it]




Pray for me in this period of mourning for the Lord of the Martyrs

I had started to commit the terrible sin of masturbation since I was 12 years old before I became sexually matureand I became sexually mature when I was 13 years old and from then on I've very badly got into the habit of the sin. I've tried to break the habit of doing it for 100 times so far, but after two or three months I've got back to it. I want to get out of this habit but I can't. I want God to forgive me. I don't know if he forgives me or not. I'd like to be in good health so that I can study to serve a useful purpose among Ali-Ibne-Abitalib Shiites,butI can't. I'd like to read Quran, but I can't. I'd like to pray at midnights like I did in my childhood, but I can't. I'd like to go to masjid but I can't. I'd like to study, but I can't. I want to stay away from sins but I can't. Everybody says to me that you can't because you don't want to. I swear to God I want, but I can't. I want to get out of the habit, but it seems that I am predestined to go to hell. It couldn't be possible to not go out, it couldn't be possible to not surf the net, It couldn't be possible to not go to Sile-ie-Rahim, It couldn't be possible to not go shopping. Each of these activities could involve sexual excitement for me. It has been saidit is Haram to quit doing Sile-ie-Rahim, but whenever I go somewhere or somebody comes to our house, it makes me to commit the sin. It has been said it is Haram to keep yourself aloof from people, but it also makes me to commit the sin either. It has been said if you can enjoin the Ma'ruf and forbid the Munkar or if you can propagate Islam and yet you don't, it would be Haram so what is Halal in this world? I want to do Siga, but my family sees me as an adulterer. I want to give up masturbation so you tell me what do I have to do? 


I'd like to commit suicide, but it is Haram as well. I want to see Imam Zaman but people say "you are a sinner and it is not possible for you to see him" but isn't he our Imam or he is just you Ulema’s Imam. I want to be Moghalled of someone who is lenient, but people say your Taglid in this way is a futile effort. So what about me? What do I have to do? Nobody helps me. When I ask my friend what should I do, he says "It's none of my business, do whatever the hell you like", and then he says " The one who marries his hand, is damned, and it is a must to stay away from you" so who cares for me to get out of the habit of this sin? Who would help me to become a good guy?Who would help me to satisfy Imam Zaman? God knows that people like you who call themselves representatives of God and Imam Zaman don't care for sinners like me at all, and you just care for beard, Khmos, Zakat, Kharij course and stuffs like that. And you live in a castle nobody can have access to you and all of you have gathered together in Qom as if you go out of there and propagate in the provinces, you would die! Now you see, it was impolite of me since I have no patience with anybody any more not God, nor my father, nor my mom, nor my friend, nor Islam and nor divine commands from which, ninety-nine of them are Haram out of each hundred. It's up to you. If you deem it advisable, if you don't want to leave me alone, answer my question and don't make me helpless.

Ya Ali


In His Name


Since you asked your question without preamble, I'll come straight to the point, my dear, you should consider that the divine commands (especially Haram ones) are meant to be beneficial for the human’s health (mentally, physically, spiritually and publicly healthful). Today, everyone knows that fasting purifies the human body and reduces fat intake. His holiness has said "fast in order to become healthy".

The same goes for masturbation to be Haram because it could result in neurasthenia and psychiatric disorder and thus you should consider that human beings themselves take the main advantage of quitting doing Haram.My son, God created human beings as existents free in their actions to choose, thus they can quit doing most of Haram acts by their free will. Man’s determination can put him among the righteous people. Again infallible Imam has said "Men's aspiration uproots mountains". You do not despair of God's mercy; God will forgive all of sins. Do not putoff making your decision until tomorrow, not to mention today is too late. You can take place amongst men of God the moment you make your decision. Seek help from Imam Husein (peace be upon him) and his fellowships especially his holiness Qasim who obtained permission to go to the battle field by crying and do not be disappointed. If God has decreed that some activities as Haram, there would be some Halal activities which were decreed by god that control human instincts. You do seek help from god to show you the way. You do not be disappointed, remember that God says "man do not have anything but his efforts." Considering the divine commands, we should take note of two kinds of efforts. First, we should try not to get into the habit of a sin and we should do our Wajib practices, Inshallah as you'd quit doing a lot of Haram actsand as you'd do a lot of Wajib practices and second, God forbid if we commit a sin, we do a Haram act or we quit doing Wajib practices in other words, our task would be trying to quit doing that sin and It is our endeavor makes us worthy of divine reward and remuneration. The more the try, the more the reward will be. These two efforts are called Jihad-e-Akbar;it means fight with whatever the human being's inner self commands contrary to the divine commands.Man has to be always in this state and he has to seek help from almighty God in this path and if he passes away in this state, he would die as Mojahid-fi-Sabil-el-Lah and it is hoped that God forgive his sins.Thus seek help from God and do not stop trying to notice sins, do not stop trying to quit doing them and do not despair of God's infinite mercy. I'm also praying for you to make your own fateful decision like Horr who was sullied by the earthly government post at Bani-Omaiia and stood against his Imam Zaman and perhaps he was responsible for Ashoora incident, yet he came back from the brink with making a fateful decision and put himself among martyrs to the cause of God.

You wrote about seeing Imam Zaman, but always remember that seeing his holiness is not important. Abu-Sofian, Abu-Lahab and others were seeing his holiness Rasool (peace and blessings be upon him and his progeny), yet they don't have faith and by the way, this seeing put them at a disadvantage. It is important to not break your spiritual connection with his holiness and you pray for his holiness and his emergence. Be sure his holiness prays for you as well. Do not talk about your sins with anyone but God, why do you reveal what you have done while it has been concealed by God? Almighty God says in the holy Quran "Protect yourself and your family from fire" Everyone has to try to find redemption from Satan and inner self bondage all by themselves and others aren’t able to do anything for you but to pray. Again God says to the prophet who wanted to make everyone good "You do not have mastery over them". If there were anyone in the world whose glance was able to heal humans or their breath had an effect on humans, they would be the infallibles (peace be upon them), yet some people who were in touch with their holinesses became their enemies. The notable example of them was the army that fought with his holiness the Lord of the Martyrs (peace be upon him) and his holiness and his family were martyred by them in spite of repetitive speeches of his holiness. It turns out that everything depends on the man himself and his effort. The task of Ulema and Marajie is to state those divine commands for people who want to act in accordance with the divine commands.

By the way, I remind you and all young people that you are welcome in my house and there is not any castle here. I'd become happy if you come to see me after going on pilgrimage to the shrine of the Lady Masoome (peace be upon her). 

There are a lot of things to say which might make you run out of patience and which may be told in another time given the opportunity

Allah's mercy be upon you

Muharram-elharam 1431 A.H

Corresponds with Azar 1388 S.H








1. The best religious practice

Question: What is the best religious practice, in your eminence opinion?

Answer: As it has been narrated in some Hadith-s, saying prayer is the best practice after gaining knowledge of God.


2. The Ibtidai Jihad

Question: Is the Ibtidai Jihad (A kind of Jihad to promulgate the religion of Islam through countries which are not enemies of Islamic countries) permissible?

Answer: Its not permissible, in our opinion.


3. The Mu'ataati marriage

Question: Is the Mu'ataati marriage (a kind of unofficial marriage that the Sigheh is not verbally approved by the parties) recognizable?

Answer: Marriage needs to be approved verbally and the Mu'ataati one is not recognizable.


4. Revealing a secret

Question: Please say about permissible cases for revealing secrets?

Answer: Revealing other's secret is Haraam unless something important involves. For example, if the secret is not revealed, the life of a believer will be put in danger.


5. Saying prayer in Karbala

Question: What is your opinion about whether saying daily prayers completely or incompletely in the holy city of Karbala, or around the holy shrine, or in Koufa Masjid?

Answer: The traveler needs to say prayer incomplete in the holy city of Karbala, but around the holy shrine of his holiness Imam Hussein (A) (within two and half meters from the holy enshrine) and the whole Koufa Masjid the traveler is at liberty to say prayer complete or incomplete.


6. Wozu (performing ablutions before saying prayer) with the remnant of pen on skin

Question: Do the remnants of pen on hands’ skin invalidate the Wozu?

Answer: No, it doesn’t unless they prevent the water from reaching to body's skin.